Control System Migration

Many control systems are entering the obsolescence phase of their lifecycle. Newer control systems are available from all of the major control system vendors. The migration from the older hardware, software and communication platforms to the newer state of the art equipment can vary in the effort and expertise required to successfully handle the migration. Some manufacturers offer “migration toolkits” that make the process easier when migrating to the same vendor’s equipment. Some vendors offer toolkits that aid in migrating from other vendor’s equipment to their own. Migrations may also be a total “rip and replace” where no toolkit is used and one vendors control system is completely removed and replaced with another system from that same vendor or another.

The key to a successful migration is the ability of the engineering staff to “decode” the obsolete platform and then ‘re-code’ the configuration in the new platform. This requires a staff that has in depth experience with both platforms.

ENGlobal’s automation segment has completed many successful control system migrations. These include vendor-sponsored solutions, cross vendor solutions and ‘rip and replace’ solutions. ENGlobal’s staff includes control system engineers with experience with all major DCS vendors hardware and software.