Modular Fabrication

ENGlobal is one of the world’s leading suppliers of modular enclosures for process instruments and controls. We provide turnkey systems packaging, modular fabrication, and manufacturing services from our 80,000 square foot facility in Houston, Texas.

Superior Structures Built to Specification

  • Our innovative designs and high-quality production have raised the value and functionality of modular enclosures, making them:
    • Stronger to bear advanced loads
    • Safer in harsh environments
    • Easier to use
    • Faster to load or populate
  • Some of the key features of the modular enclosures/ buildings that we design and manufacture are:
    • Extraordinary Performance under Load: We carry out extensive and rigorous testing to check  suitability for tough industrial environments.
    • Maximized Usable Space: You get more room for your controls, electronic equipment and process instruments within the same footprint, saving you a significant amount of money.
    • Durability: Our modular enclosures are built-to-last. We use high-quality components and advanced manufacturing processes to develop resilient structures.
    • Safety and Adaptability: Designed to adapt to the evolving demands of our clients, our structures provide the necessary protection against all kinds of harsh industrial environments.
  • With a diversified technical team, and access to advanced technologies, we maintain single-source responsibility from start to finish.
  • Over the years, we have earned a reputation for being responsive, reliable and professional in meeting every enclosure/ building need.

Essentially, we are a one-stop shop for any type of modular enclosure requirement, across a multitude of industrial clients and applications.

Modular Enclosures that We Build

  • Drilling Rig Control Cabins
  • Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE)
  • Control Rooms
  • Operator Shelters
  • Field Laboratories
  • Switchgear Enclosures
  • Analyzer Shelters
  • Substations
  • Skids
  • Switch Racks
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Tank Truck Loading Facilities
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Blast-Resistant Process Units

Drilling Rig Control Cabins: Our Specialty

ENGlobal has developed long-standing relationships with upstream drilling rig manufacturers for the supply of modular, highly rugged Drilling Rig Control Cabins. Combining our extensive experience with a comprehensive range of design, integration, fabrication and testing tools, we specialize in just-in-time delivery of control cabins.

  • Our inspiring designs and high-quality fabrication caters to the nuances of present day automated drilling rigs.
  • With safe and efficient control and supervision of drilling operations and rig equipment, our control cabins are suitable for placement in the most extreme environments.
  • We can also deliver control cabins with built-in HVAC systems, making their internal volume ‘safe by ventilation’ which means  you can place our enclosures even in a hazardous area zone II.

For modular fabrication inquiries, please send us an email or contact us at any of our locations.