Power Solutions

ENGlobal Power Islands feature unique combination of proven equipment that is pre-packaged to provide a complete, portable and easily transportable power generating system. They are used to supply power to remote oil and gas fields, pipelines, offshore platforms and rigs as well as a host of industrial applications.

Our Power Islands typically include:

  • Micro turbine generator units
  • Fuel processing equipment
  • Electrical distribution equipment
  • Onboard automation
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for remote control and monitoring

All ENGlobal Power Islands are completely factory built, tested and certified to generate between 250 kW and 8MW of electric power. Fuels include a wide range of gas and liquids, from wellhead gas to distillate fuel oil. Equipment is mounted to a common base plate, which is suitable for both ocean transit and trailer delivery. ENGlobal Power Islands can be manufactured and shipped within 90 days.