Alternative Energy Engineering

ENGlobal actively pursues alternative energy engineering solutions as part of a global effort to provide clean and renewable energy sources for today’s market. The increased use of alternative energy will expand U.S. fuel supplies while easing an overburdened refining industry.

ENGlobal has expertise in many alternative energy engineering core processes. This expertise is built upon our experience in a variety of alternative energy projects and allows us to provide a wide range of services. From conceptual engineering and feasibility studies to detailed design, permitting, construction management, program management and third party operations and maintenance, we deliver the services needed to bring virtually any alternative energy project to fruition.

With our experience in refining and petrochemical processing, ENGlobal provides best in class solutions to our clients on renewable projects by incorporating our refining and petrochemical expertise into these projects.

ENGlobal is completely equipped with the latest process and mechanical modeling tools, including HAZOP software and facilitation as part of the Process Safety Management (PSM) process.

ENGlobal has teamed with alternative energy industry leaders to bring critical renewable fuels process facility projects into production, including standard process units and pilot staging facilities.

Alternative Renewable Energy

The demand for more “green power” continues to create additional renewable sustainable/alternative energy opportunities in the U.S. power sector. ENGlobal will continue its market leadership, by combining its expertise in traditional renewable technologies (biomass, hydro, geothermal) along with its recently gained expertise in advanced technologies that are just coming to the forefront (advanced gasification technologies and advanced solar technologies). A technology-driven company, ENGlobal is well positioned to serve a wide variety of future renewable/sustainable/alternative energy engineering projects as well as traditional projects.