Engineered Solutions and Modular Process Plants

World-Class Engineering and Fabrication Services

ENGlobal’s engineering, design and fabrication group delivers innovative, designs with a focus on process performance, constructability and operational safety. From feasibility to detailed engineering and design to fabrication and execution of turnkey projects ENGlobal is a one-stop shop for customers across the globe.

Hydroprocessing and Renewable Fuels

In addition to our hydroprocessing experience in refining projects, ENGlobal is involved in targeted aspects of renewable fuels

  • Renewable Diesel is produced from a hydrotreating process to generate a drop-in fuel stock product that replaces directly fossil fuel derived diesel
  • Bio Diesel is a transesterification reaction that generates an oxygenated blend stock
  • Fischer Tropsch diesel and lubes from Synthesis Gas is generated via Biomass Gasification
  • Synthesis Gas production of methanol for conversion to Diesel, Gasoline, Olefins

Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas Generation

A key component to hydro processing is hydrogen generated from synthesis gas production technologies

  • Steam Methane Reformer
  • Auto Thermal Reformer
  • Gasification and Partial Oxidation

Key Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Development
  • Innovative Plant Layout
  • Definitive Estimates
  • Process Engineering and Unit Ops Integration
  • Vertical Integration of Automation and Construct ability
  • Detail Engineering and Design
  • Procurement
  • Modular Fabrication of Process Plants and Automation Equipment
  • Construction Management
  • Commission Management
  • Commission and Start-up
  • Program Management/Owners Engineer

Skills and Technology: Get access to expert advice, advanced technologies and personalized service at every step of the way. We generously and continually invest in upgrading our technological capabilities, as well as the skills of our employees.

Audit and Compliance: From quotes and documentation, to execution and tracking, expect a meticulous approach at all times. Our talented and experienced engineers are well-versed with the applicable industry  and specifications. We always meet or exceed the relevant criteria from both, audit and compliance perspective.

Service Focus: Enjoy responsive customer service, transparent and constant communication, and on-time delivery. Commitment, passion and integrity are built-in to our way of life. Our track record of past projects will speak for itself in all these aspects.

Delivery Excellence: Whether it is the design, fabrication, automation, or integration of analytical, information, or control systems, experience the convenience and efficiency of our integrated capabilities. We attract, train and retain some of the best minds in various fields of engineering, in order to deliver the highest standards of excellence.

Why Choose ENGlobal

  • World-class safety performance record completing 22.6 million man-hours without a lost time injury
  • A global reputation for designing state-of-the-art plants and  automation systems
  • Unique ability to deliver complex solutions projects to serve the diverse needs of our clients across the globe.
  • Multiple Alliance Agreements with industry leading technology providers, contractors and OEMs

Top 500 Design Firm

ENGlobal’s strong growth, project management experience, and history of providing quality engineering has consistently earned a place among the Engineering News Record magazine’s Top 500 engineering design firms in the US, for over 10 years. We have won several other awards and accolades, and recognition from Business Week magazine, the Houston Chronicle newspaper and American Executive magazine.

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