Hydrogen And Synthesis Gas

Engineering, Fabrication and Construction of Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas Projects

ENGlobal brings its extensive years of experience in refining, hydrogen and synthesis gas production projects for hydroprocessing and petrochemicals to meet the growing need in the current world economy for projects like localized ammonia production and renewable fuels. Hydrogen produced from synthesis gas is used in hydroprocessing and a key component for other petrochemicals like the production of ammonia. Synthesis gas produced from reforming processes, gasification or from partial oxidation are used as well for production of methanol and Fischer Tropsch liquids.


ENGlobal has experience in hydrogen and synthesis gas generated from Stream Methane Reformers, Autothermal Reformers, Gasification and Partial Oxidation units. ENGlobal has Alliance and Collaboration Agreements with industry leading technology providers for hydrogen and synthesis gas technologies, which cover a number of key innovations for efficiency and minimizing carbon footprint.

ENGlobal has designed and is currently fabricating the process modules for the first Convection Reformer hydrogen production unit in the United States, with this new innovative reactor design.

Synthesis Gas

ENGlobal is involved in synthesis gas production from reformers and gasifiers for the generation of liquids and fuels and are also being applied to stranded gas.

Synthesis Gas for the production of methanol is then used to generate products such as olefins, diesel, jet and gasoline

Fischer Tropsch liquids are also generated from synthesis gas for the production of Diesel, Jet and Lubes


ENGlobal developed three world scale projects for hydrogen and synthesis gas from Gasification.

  • Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas to 4000 MTD Ammonia and 1750 MTD of Methanol
  • Synthesis Gas Fischer Tropsch project for 15,000 BPD Jet Fuel
  • Hydrogen to 4000 MTD Ammonia

Currently ENGlobal’s involvement is on the focus here of the gasification of biomass, MSW and agricultural waste materials.