Process Modular Systems & Fabrication

ENGlobal’s Piping & Equipment Module Fabrication Center is located in Henderson, Texas. ENGlobal designs, builds, and tests process modular systems that are ready for production upon delivery to greenfield and brownfield locations.  ENGlobal’s sole source value and vertical integration from engineering and design through construction from outset reduces cost, risk, and schedule time while increasing client profits with shorter lead times to online production.

ENGlobal’s focus is to enhance  information flow and critical communication across projects from initial conception all the way through early production, with a constant eye on safety, cost, quality and construct ability improvements in all areas.


Process Modular Systems Project Set Up, Design and Optimization

  • Assist with early design to optimize construct ability and minimize fabrication and logistics costs.
  • Provide consistent model review feedback reducing potential construct ability issues.

Schedule Management, Fabrication Coordination and Delivery

  • Help manage and provide visibility on the delivery of vessels, skids, panels and buildings.
  • Provide initial guidance on specifications and guidelines to the fabricators.
  • Review RFI’s and provide corrective action suggestions to PMs.
  • Provide visibility on how well these hops are managing the floor, schedules, and delivery.
  • Monitor Forward Looking Indicators to get our ahead of potential issues that create schedules lip page.
  • Offer innovative solutions, coordination and logistics toke equipment deliveries on track.

Quality Enhancement, Support and Audit of Subcontractors

  • Regular review and audit of subcontractors prior to award of fabrication to promote high-quality culture.
  • Ensure design consistency across hops to allow “off these helf” component inter change ability and consistency.
  • Set clear expectations and provide realistic options if needed for shop production corrections.
  • Coordinate closely with Engineering, Fabrication as inspection focuses on specifications, guidelines and any revisions to design.
  • As we continually receive and track feedback of details from commissioning efforts, it is used to improve equipment design and fabrication.

Automation Integration Shop East Houston

    • 80,000 Sq.Ft Houston, Texas Fabrication/Integration facility
    • 80 Ton Gantry Crane
    • Materials Management System
    • Flexible Staffing of 100-300 personnel
    • Analyzer Systems & Services
      • Environmental CEMS and Flare monitoring
      • Online Process, GC and FTIR applications
    • Modular Enclosures
      • RIE’s / Control Rooms
      • Field Labs / MCC’s / Substations
    • Marshalling Panels
    • Power Islands (Micro turbine and conventional)
    • Industrial HVAC (Patented PLC / HMI based)
    • Complete IFAT Facilities with built in communications, power and office infrastructure
    • Full I/O Simulation & Training capabilities