Renewable Fuels

ENGlobal is involved in the development and execution of a number of renewable fuels projects. ENGlobal was tapped by technology leaders in the industry to help develop these types of projects initially because of our understanding of hydroprocessing and our refining project experience. However it was ENGlobal’s ability to understand and implement the complexities and challenges hydroprocessing of these renewable feedstocks present put period at the end.

Renewable fuels such as Diesel and Jet are drop in products that can directly substitute for fossil generated fuels.   They are produced from a variety of renewable feed stocks from crop seed oils, tallow and waste oils to biomass waste.

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is also produced and collected from biowaste sites.

ENGlobal is also participating in developing and implementing methods that minimize carbon intensity in production of these fuels.

ENGlobal has strategic alliances and collaboration agreements with industry leading technology providers and major EPC construction partners that enables us to provide a complete turn key solution.