The battery energy storage market is one of today’s leading alternative energy sectors, and it shows no signs of slowing down in the coming years. That’s why many alternative energy engineering companies are investing in battery energy storage these days. However, before doing so, you might be wondering how to choose the best site, so ENGlobal gathered some information for you here.
Below you’ll find five important things to consider before acquiring a battery energy storage site.

Existing or Disturbed Properties are Ideal: If you find battery infrastructure on an already existing property, it can make things much easier for you and help you avoid issues that can halt development. This is because choosing an existing or disturbed property can also set you up for exemptions and any issues or constraints will have already been addressed.

Location is Everything: When selecting the site for your battery energy storage facility, location is key. Look for places that are conveniently located near existing energy substations and easy access to the grid. Other important location details include choosing a place with low fire risk, minimal species and ecological impact, and reduced noise.

Available Water Supply: Battery operation and maintenance itself requires minimal water, but local and federal rules and requirements are quite clear in stating that there needs to be an adequate water supply for firefighters. This means it isn’t uncommon to employ the services of an attorney and land planner.

Avoid Sites Close to Sensitive Stakeholders: Going over every aspect of an area before selecting your battery energy storage site is important. Take a look at the location and who is living nearby; are there quiet neighborhoods? Schools? Other types of communities that might not respond well to a continuously-operating battery storage facility nearby? If so, you might be better off in another location.

Vet Your Potential Site Thoroughly: Doing your due diligence before deciding on a site will serve you well. Vet every aspect of it, taking site-specific benefits and constraints into consideration and local land-use titles and regulations before leasing or buying.

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