When developing process systems for a factory or any other industrial process, there are two basic options:  developing a bespoke design where each component is individually placed within the larger system; or, using process modular systems, sometimes called “modules” or “skids.”  Modules are self-contained largely autonomous units, designed to be easily transported.  One module might process raw materials, while another module has a cleaning system.
These process modular systems are almost always more beneficial to the older piecemeal design strategy.  We regularly recommend module-based layouts to our clients, for a variety of reasons.
Why Process Modular Systems Make Sense in Most Applications

Faster development and construction
When a process system is modular, those individual modules can be built and tested separately.  Each module is typically designed and built independently of the others – often in tandem – and tested out before it is delivered production-ready to the site.  In this way, most potential problems are caught and fixed before you even take possession of the modules.  So, once the modules have all arrived, connecting them up and testing them together is much quicker and easier.
Improved safety
Since a system built of component modules is faster and easier to put together, that means a smaller crew is needed at your site.  This substantially reduces the risk factor, particularly when – again – each module has already been individually tested and tweaked before delivery.  Far less can go wrong at the time of installation.
Space optimization
Modules can be designed to be tightly packed, more so than if each individual component was being placed on a facility location.  This gives a considerable space advantage, allowing more modulesprocesses to be placed within smaller footprints.  The space savings could be used to expand production or to make maintenance and access easier.
Reduced costs
What this all adds up to are reduced costs.  Modules are no more expensive to produce than alternative methods while being much faster and easier to install, with less likelihood of on-site failures.  With the space savings and the potential gains from that, process modular systems quickly demonstrate their real-world value.

ENGlobal wants to help your business streamline its processes and run more smoothly.  We specialize in process modular systems design, build and testing.  If you want to make the most of your facilities or want the best for a new project, contact us for a consultation.

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