One of the biggest fears our clients express is that their new industrial automation system might not be delivered on time, or that the budget will explode past initial estimates.  This is understandable enough.  Industrial automation services are relatively new as a field, and nearly every deployment is made for a particular customer or user.  Without standardized solutions, there is a higher potential for delays – or worse.
We strive in every case to deliver our systems on-time and within the given budget, and that’s not just talk.  We have specific processes and procedures designed to reduce the chances of anything going wrong.  This allows our clients to have confidence in our work, and in the final solution, they’ll receive.
How Good Industrial Automation Services Providers Deliver on Their Promises

Treating dates and deadlines as commitments
When we put together a timetable, it is not based on wishful thinking or putting down numbers that simply sound good.  Our timetables are decided alongside our proposals so that we can offer clear and realistic milestones for development and deployment.  When we put specific dates in writing, we consider them to be commitments, and we do not break those commitments without extremely good reason.
Should unexpected contingencies arise, we always strive to communicate this as early and as clearly as possible, to reduce any further complications.

Fully vetting projects for feasibility during design
We do not simply collect a set of design specs, then go off to do our thing.  We work with you, looking at the existing processes and systems, to ensure that our designs and proposals are genuinely realistic.  This might seem basic, but a surprising number of automation providers never actually do a “reality check” before delivering designs – or even completed systems – to their client.
By doing so, we drastically reduce the chances of costly complications and help ensure we meet the agreed-upon milestones and deadlines.

We handle our own electrical installation
If there is one thing that most often contributes to delays and budget over-runs, it is careless subcontracting.  That is why we endeavor to do as much of the work ourselves as possible – including the electrical installation.  By cutting separate electrical contractors out of the picture, we maintain much tighter control over installation timelines, while also bringing better work than you might otherwise get.

ENGlobal has decades of experience in designing and delivering custom automation services, alternative-energy solutions, and process modular systems for our clients.  Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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